birds and birds houses

Birds are great to have and are good to decorate your garden with the lighthouse birdhouse that seems to bring a good look to the garden.

The sound of birds singing at morning times and at evening times brings a nature feeling and a nature look to your surroundings.

Birds species

There are a vast number of different bird species around the world some of which is, Acorn wood pecker, Atlintic Puffin, Bald Eagle, Black Swift, Anhinga, American Kestreal.

All are beautiful in there own way and all are unique in there way, and all are design for the specific purpose they are created for.

Birds that nest in birdhouses

Black - capped chickadee this bird is five inches long and the top and back of the throat is black, sides of the head and neck is white, the breast and underside is white to buff. Wing feathers and tails a darker gray,line with white.

Eastern Blue bird - this bird is about seven inches long with a blue head,Brown chest and a white belly.

Birds houses comes in variety of sizes and different types such as the lighthouse birdhouse which looks just like a light house, peak view bird house there are variety of sizes but you should know what suit you for your bird.

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